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Periodic Course Review Procedure

The below policy outlines how The Outdoor Ed School reviews their online course content and resources.


  1. Scheduled reviews.

Every 24 months The Outdoor Ed School will review all courses and resources or earlier if required.

2. Reviewing content.

The Outdoor Ed Schools online courses and resources will be checked to ensure that:

- All information is up to date with the activity national governing bodies guidance, industry standards, and outdoor professionals’ recommendations.

- All sections of the course are relevant to the course subject.

- The media/delivery of the course content is to a high standard.

- The course content covers all modules.

(Equipment – Set Up – Activity – Adaptations – Review – Maintenance)


3. How it’s reviewed.

Each online course or resources will be review by one of our outdoor trainers.

Once they have confirmed the training meets the industry standards a teacher will review it.

The teacher will then confirm if the content is relevant, useful, and engaging.

 Finally, we will check the audio, video, and printable resources to ensure they are high quality.


4. Users feedback.

After completing an online course with OES the learner will be asked to complete an online feedback form.

The online form asks learners to series of simple questions about the content, media, resources, and support which we will use to continually update and improve our courses and the users experience.


5. Informing learners of updates and changes.

Any changes to our online courses will be announced on the home page of our website.

Learners who have already completed the course will receive an email containing a brief summary of the updates.

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